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Increase your long term marital success by completing a FOCCUS preparation program

  • FOCCUS (facilitating open couple  communication ) is an effective instrument for  pre-married or commitment couples to  openly  discuss their communication patterns  in areas of interest, which positively influences couples later success of staying married.

  • FOCCUS pre-marriage inventory studies found this instrument positively opens discussion between engaged and or committed couples

  •  FOCCUS research indicates people who take pre-marital preparation increases marital success by a whopping 30% over 5 years.

FOCCUS pre-marriage survey respondents gives a ‘thumbs up’ !!


  • It’s a great tool to see our strengths, and talk about our differences now, so later problem don’t arise.  Our relationship is so much stronger because we saw that our differences were a natural part of the structure of being together.

  •   The program helped my partner and I talk  about our future finances & parenting  issues openly.

  • The process was fantastic because it helped us discuss important topics which truly changed our life together

  • Contact us   today for further information on our pre-marriage preparation inventory.

How the FOCCUS  pre-marriage or commitment  preparation inventory works

  • FOCCUS stands for Facilitating Open Couple  Communication
  • A certified FOCCUS facilitator implements the pre-marriage inventory.
  • The overall FOCCUS process requires   three  1 hour visits with our trained facilitator.

  • A trained facilitator, does not offer advice or fix problems. He or her role is to encourage couples to talk to each other about  your strengths and differences which promotes a clear sense of yourselves  as individuals  'within your couple relationship'

  • The pre-marriage program is not a test there are no right or wrong answers, it is a snapshot of your patterns of strength and areas that may be different from each other  and thus could present challenges later

  • FOCCUS is available in other languages besides English and comes in a general and inter-faith format.

  • A written  agree/disagree question format  measures couples responses to topics  such as, Finances, Life Style Expectations,  Friends & Interests, Personal Issues, Problem Solving, Sexuality Issues, and other important value topics are answered.

  • The FOCCUS inventory also has responses  available for  previously married  and inter-faith couples

How does the Pre-Marriage Preparation Program work ?

  • The pre-marriage course comprises of one (2 hour) session; where your trained facilitator explains how the program is designed to draw out your shared values, hopes and expectations  in all important aspects of your relationship , via a questionnaire format.  In the final session the facilitator discusses the overall themes of  what emerged in relation to each others responses.

  • When the course is conducted via internet the steps may vary depending on your bandwidth

  • Fees for the 3 hour course via online or face-face  is $300.00