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Psychology: How Does Therapy Help?

How could seeing a Gold Coast psychologist help me?

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a situation that seems a little overwhelming or confusing, or we notice that perhaps our life is not heading in the direction we want it to or that things just don’t feel ‘right’.

The best psychologist or counsellor is able to listen non-judgmentally to your experience (sometimes this is all you need, did you know that simply listening to yourself talk can provide you with a completely different perspective on your problems because you are engaging different parts of your brain as you talk?) and then work with you to clearly delineate whats bothering you and come up with some alternative plans of action (we often find that our clients already have the answer, they just needed someone to really listen to them and help them to identify their strengths rather than focus on their problems!).

"An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior" ~ Viktor E. Frankl

Psychologists have studied many aspects of humanity and are in some ways 'experts' on life. Just as you invest in your physical health by consulting experts who hold specialised knowledge in certain areas e.g. dentists, personal trainers, optometrists, it can be hugely beneficial to invest in your mental and emotional health by consulting a psychologist from time to time.

A good psychologist is someone who is so passionate about people that thier studies never really end. They often labour for years learning techniques and strategies designed to improve quality of life, and an enjoyable aspect of their job is being able to pass on the fruits of thier labour.

When the issue involves your marriage or relationship counselling, the psychologist may work with both you and your partner to teach you how to heal any hurts and to grow a healthy, loving relationship. Our psychologists specialise in reltionship counselling.


How do I find a psychologist on the Gold Coast?

There are lots of ways to find a psychologist in your community. The first option is to use web sites like the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency or the Australian Counselling Association to find a practice near to where you live. These sites are also often helpful for finding a practitioner who specializes in specific areas, for example adolescents, children, or relationships.

You could also talk to friends and relatives who have already seen a psychologist or counsellor, as they may have some thoughts about therapists who work in your region. Remember though that when a friend recommends a psychologist it is similar to when they recommend a mechanic or a hairdresser – your friends may love what their mechanic or hairdresser does, however if you find it less than satisfactory it doesn’t mean that you stop having your car serviced or your hair cut for the rest of your life – keep talking to different psychologists until you find someone you feel comfortable with.

When you do find the name of a psychologist whom you are considering working with it is a good idea to give them a call and have a chat over the phone. You may evan be able to negotiate an initial session to allow you to get a feel for the practitioner, how they work and whether or not you feel comfortable divulging your concerns to that particular person. Remember that for counselling or psychological treatment to work you are going to need to be honest and open with the practitioner or they will struggle to understand your concerns and to develop a treatment plan to that works for you.

Can I request a referral to a specific psychologist or does my doctor have to choose who I see?

If you have a preferred psychologist, maybe someone a friend has recommended, you may provide your doctor with the name and contact details of that psychologist and your doctor will provide a referral letter for you to see this person.

Your GP is also able to provide you with a plan enabling you to access psychological sessions through the Medicare bulk billing system.


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