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Separation or Divorce Counselling - Gold Coast

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We offer Separation & Divorce Counselling across the Gold Coast

Separation and divorce is a traumatic experience for all concerned. 

We recognise  the decision to separate was not made lightly.

 Separation and divorce counselling offers a non-judgmental space where couples can work through the problems that separation brings, so each can resolve the past and move forward with plans for the future. Visit our  Relationship page to learn more


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What the Latest Research into Separation & Divorce tells us.......

Overwhelming  evidence indicates that in general, separation counselling  is effective for working through problems as defined by the client(s).  

Divorce can be a positive thing for children in instances  where the couple’s relationship stays in high conflict, and the stress of all living under one roof ‘just doesn’t work’. 

When parents remain friendly,  children learn that separation doesn’t mean ‘that you have to hate’ and  be hostile to the other partner, which in turn teaches the children that this is the way to deal with problems in a respectful way.

Separation counselling offers couples a way of improving the negative impact that separation has on children’s behaviour.

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