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Self-help or Counselling: How Can I Get the Best Help?

The benefits of working face-to-face with a caring psychologist or counsellor are many and cannot always be met by self-help methods alone. (Did you know that your brain operates a somewhat like a blue-tooth device and that you can kind of 'sync' with other people? You have special brain cells, scientists have labelled them 'mirror neurons', that help you to have empathy for another person, to feel what they are feeling. This 'syncing', or tuning in to another human being can in turn help you to manage your own emotions.)

At East Qld Counselling & Psychology our psychologists will work with you to help you to understand and better manage, your unique psychology: your unique patterns and your unique coping styles.

For most of the people who come in to our practice, even after just one visit, they walk out with a sense of relief: finally somebody has taken the time to intentionally listen to them.

Often when we don't talk about what is bothering us we get a sense that nobody else has ever experienced our problem, that maybe there is something very wrong with us. Sharing your concerns with a psychologist or counsellor who cares about you can help you to recognise that your problems are quite often 'normal'.

A psychologist has been trained to provide you with an objective viewpoint, he or she has spent many years learning different strategies and skills for working with all kinds of problems. This can help you to gain perspective, see things differently, and feel more capable of doing things differently.

Research indicates that self-help can be just as effective as working with a psychologist face-to-face, provided that you are able to have discipline in your approach. 

The best way for you to improve your life is to invest in yourself by accessing the professional assistance of a psychologist or counsellor and at the same time utilise self-help resources.

“Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment. By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

Information technology provides us with easy access to psychology tools, have a look at our links page for helpful web sites. We have also listed some useful reading material on our recommended reading page.


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