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Stop stressing, start sleeping!

Stop stressing, start sleeping!

A friend and colleague has asked me to write a few posts about stress for her November blog. I chose to write on breathing and stress. You can see the article on breathing which was published Saturday. Yesterday the first part of my article on sleep was published at The Mindset Effect.

Sleep is essential in your recovery from stress, anxiety, depression, illness, and injury. And yet it is still not given enough priority. I have written about what actually happens when you are sleeping and how each of your cells has it's own biological clock which govern your circadian rhythms. You need to keep your circadian rhythm in balance to ensure healthy sleep. In parts 2 & 3 I will explain how stress impacts negatively on sleep to trap you in an endless, damaging cycle, as well as what you can do to get your biological clocks and circadian rhythms back on track.

Do yourself a favour and head across to the Mindset Effect to learn more, just click on the link below.

Posted: Mon 17 Nov 2014

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